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Environmental Policy

The aim of GLOBAL RECYCLING PLC is to contribute to the overall improvement in the use of plastic waste in Europe. Disposal of plastics is currently unsustainable, harmful to the environment and potentially to humans. If handled properly, plastics have the potential to reduce global carbon footprint. However, it is necessary to make changes in their use and increase their recycling.

A correct and efficient sorting of plastics is the most important step.

The separation of plastics is gaining increasing importance. Every consumer and producer who passes plastic waste for recycling contributes to climate protection. Materials that are not suitable for efficient sorting can serve as an alternative fuel in power plant stations or cement plants. The energy use in these plants, however, is not very effective, not even from an economic point of view, as its effectiveness in comparison with recycling is too small.

Through the use of recyclable plastics the energy consumption can be reduced by 80 to 90% compared to the production of new plastic materials.

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