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Plastic Recycling

The process of Plastic Recycling

According to its chemical composition and color plastic waste is first separated into different types at a sorting line. Plastic waste mostly consists of PET bottles, PE films and bottles and polystyrene foam. Thus separated waste is then put into packets andtransferred for further processing. After plastic waste shredding, decontamination occurs through hot washing and drying. Purifed plastic granulate is then used for further production of technical and textile fibres, plastic products, packaging materials, cardboard, laminate flooring, plastic furniture and building material. The processing of plastic waste is carried out by a team of professional workers.

Plastics suitable for recycling:

Plastics unsuitable for recycling:

The Principle of Plastic Recycling

Plastic recycling is an efficient way of saving natural resources through secondary processing of plastic waste while reducing the environmental impact of this hard-degradable material. Plastic recycling enables the material provision, costs reduction and reduction of the environmental burden of the waste produced.

Thanks to the recycling process, the waste can be used as a material for the manufacturing of new products. Using modern technology and complex technological procedures, the waste turns into many different kinds of products from plastic debris to plastic furniture.

Plastic Processing

If plastics are handled properly they have the potential to reduce global carbon footprint.

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